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About a month ago I entered my first novel, Black Destiny, in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition. The contest is for unpublished novels, with the grand prize being a contract with Penguin for publication and a $25k advance. I figured that since my novel was complete, I may as well give it a go.

I labored to write a 300-word sales pitch in the few days I had before the entry deadline, and ended up with something that was relatively pleasing. The first stage of the contest had the editors at Amazon cutting the initial entries (up to 10,000) down to the top 2,000 based on the sales pitch. Then, volunteer reviewers read the excerpts (2 reviews per excerpt) and based on their scores, the pack was whittled to the top 500 quarter-finalists.

This morning I learned that I made it to the quarter-finals. (Whoo-Hoo!)

The first chapter of my novel is available for free download. Anyone who would like to read it and provide a glowing review (or even an honest review) is more than welcome to, and it would be greatly appreciated.

Over the next month or so, professional reviewers from Publishers Weekly will be reading the full manuscripts of the top 500 and based on their reviews, the two professional reviews from round one, and the reviews/ratings from Amazon customers, the top 100 semi-finalists will be chosen by judges at Penguin. NO PRESSURE THERE!!

After that, the Penguin judges will select the three finalists. At that point, Amazon customers will vote for one of the three and the one with the most votes will be the winner.

I’m just excited to a) still be in the running, and b) have my book reviewed by a professional reviewer. Hopefully my nerves can hold out until April 15th (when they announce the semi-finalists.) Good thing I already filed my taxes. 😛

Also, for anyone wondering, the NANOWRIMO didn’t go quite as planned. I’ll write more about that later, perhaps. (Like when the next one rolls around. )


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