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Progress, Behind The Scenes

When I started this blog back whenever, October I think, I decided that if I found it was interfering with my writing, I would stop posting. That’s what’s been going on these past few weeks. I didn’t make a conscious decision not to post here, but all of my free time has been devoted to actually writing, instead of writing about writing.

As a result, I’m making some decent progress on the current project. I completed step six, which was to expand the one-page synopsis into four pages. The cool part was that while I did that, I was able to refer to the character storylines that I wrote in step five, so I could see how the various plot lines and sub-plots started to tie together. For the most part, the synopsis went very quickly because of it.

Next, I’ll be expanding the character descriptions that I wrote earlier, filling in the details of their lives, which may or may not appear in the novel, but which will make them who they are.

The best part is that I don’t even know if this method will work. I won’t really know until the first draft is finished, and that’s a ways off yet.

NOTE: If you missed my post about this new (for me) method of novel writing, check it out here.


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New Story

I finally got off my lazy butt and posted a new story over on my stories page. It’s my vision of where corporate America is heading as wages stagnate and jobs become harder to find here, while other countries see their wages soar, especially in the tech fields that we outsourced in the interest of saving a few bucks.

Check it out on the stories page, or just click here.

All comments are appreciated.

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